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Body Fat Reduction at our New York City office

Very few people never encounter body image issues in life. Tough fat deposits, cellulite, and wrinkles appear on even the most fit bodies. Until the invention of the Venus Legacy system, most people sought body fat reduction in NYC clinics through traditional surgeries like liposuction. These surgeries require very invasive steps, and they sometimes fail to solve the problem. Problems with stubborn fat pockets lie in the deep layers of skin tissue. Cellulite and wrinkles happen because of abnormalities in the surface layers. The Venus Legacy system simultaneously treats problems throughout the skin’s layers. Best of all, it does it without surgery. 

The Venus Legacy system

The Venus Legacy system uses a combination of magnetic pulsed energy and suction to heat fat pockets in the skin’s layers. Problem fat pockets are usually caused because older fat cells have become rigid and immobile. It is proven that heat and motion increase the body’s ability to transfer and process fat. The Venus Legacy system reignites activity under the skin. It triggers a natural healing process, and literally “wakes the skin’s layers up.”

At the same time, it prompts the skin’s cells to produce more collagen. This is extremely important if your aesthetic issue involves sagging, wrinkles, and discoloration. Busy people needing body fat reduction in NYC love Venus Legacy because it will not interrupt a busy lifestyle. Contact our office if you would like to learn how body contouring without surgery can change your outlook. We can answer any tough question about your problem areas. Venus Legacy can help. Call us today.

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