Body Toning

Body Toning at our New York City office

Some of the fat on your body is more stubborn, and it could take years for you to eliminate the bulges on your thighs, abdomen and other areas. We offer body toning in NYC using technology that can give you terrific results. This treatment is ideal for women and men of different age groups and body.

Benefits of Body Toning

Muscle Simulation Body Tone is the perfect treatment to pursue excellent figure, developing stronger and liner muscles. Its bioelectric energy sends low-frequency pulses creating an exercise stimulation effect, promoting metabolism and preventing body fattiness.


Does the treatment hurt?

You should feel minimal discomfort or pain while undergoing treatment. If you experience any unpleasant sensations, let our staff know so that the appropriate modifications to your treatment can be made.

Does the treatment work on only lighter skin tones?

People who have both lighter and darker skin tones can benefit from this treatment.

What should I do to make my results last?

For longer lasting results, it is best to maintain a healthy diet and exercise plan and see us for any recommended maintenance treatments.

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The treatment that Slim Up NYC offers can give you great results that look and feel natural. All our staff members are highly trained and will take your care seriously. Please contact our facility today to set up a consultation and learn more about what we provide.

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