Face Dermal Rejuvenation at our New York City, NY office

VENUS GLOW™ is the newest Dermal-Rejuvenation device that provides a treatment that simultaneously opens up pores and gently deep-cleans skin by removing impurities, such as daily dirt and debris, dry or dead skin cells, and excess sebum from stratum corneum. also increases local micro-blood circulation leaving the skin cleaner with a natural glow and noticeably healthier after each treatment.

Benefits of Face Dermal Rejuvenation


How many treatments are needed?

Patients typically require 5-16 treatments, though this number will vary from patient to patient depending on their skin concerns.

Are results permanent?

Maintenance treatments are required to maintain results. Results will last longer if you follow an appropriate skincare routine and protect your skin from the sun.

How far apart should each treatment be?

Treatments are usually spaced 1-2 weeks apart during the initial treatments. After completing a regimen, it is recommended to come in every 2-3 months for maintenance.

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